Are you SURE this is only $45?

LOVE THEM. Of course I can't make up my I would like…
February 12, 2014/by admin

It is Beautiful!

I received the walking stick yesterday evening! It is beautiful!…
September 29, 2014/by admin

Positively Pleasing Experience

Hi Les,   I  received  the  stick  today  7/18 wed. …
July 18, 2014/by admin

Excellent Communication

I thank you for the beautiful work you are doing. My Dad is using…
October 6, 2015/by admin

Brother, you have friends in Richmond

September 29, 2014/by admin

You are an AMAZING artist!

Donec posuere vulputate arcu.
September 29, 2014/by admin

The Boys will Love Them

The sticks arrived and they are perfect!  The boys will love…
May 24, 2012/by admin

Just the Right Size

Got my walking stick today. It's very nice, better than I expected.…
October 6, 2015/by admin

Nothing Compares

I bought mine at the Daisy Festival at Stone Mt. GA., Fall 2010.…
September 29, 2014/by admin

Fab Handiwork

Hi there, have just found your website and looking at your fab…
October 6, 2015/by admin

Really Big Hit

Wow, I'm sure you guys had a great day at Lazy Daze. I bought…
September 29, 2014/by admin

We Use Them All the Time

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how impressed we…
September 29, 2014/by admin

You officially have a stick in Packer Country!

I absolutely love it and everyone that has seen it so far wants…
October 6, 2015/by admin

A Good Stick is Handy at Hand

I have been buying, carrying, and even making sticks all of my…
September 11, 2015/by admin