How Tall are the Sticks?

The “grip” type sticks average 52-56 inches tall, of course some are taller and some are shorter. I tend to make my sticks a little on the tall side for two reasons. The stick can always be shortened and it’s ALWAYS better to have it a little too long than a little too short. The “hat” type sticks (Uncle Sam, baldies, the mountain hat, and the golfers) are more of a staff, a bit thicker, and longer. They average 54-59 inches rarely reaching 60 inches.

What if the Stick is Too Tall?

Since most people hold a walking stick with a 90 degree angle at their elbow, if I know the users height I can get it pretty close. Plus I don’t glue the rubber tips on, they are fitted to each stick so in the event a stick needed to be shortened, just pull off the tip and saw off the excess!

Do you have any other questions, or need more help?

I am always happy to address any questions you have, if you need more information, please feel free to email me at info@thestickery.com.