It is Beautiful!

I received the walking stick yesterday evening! It is beautiful! I was speechless when I saw it. It is extraordinary and you have such talent!

-Rosalind C.

Positively Pleasing Experience

Hi Les,   I  received  the  stick  today  7/18 wed.  and  it’s  very,  very  nice  !   You  are  a  true  and  real  Artist /  Master Carver !   The  stick  is  just  the right  size ,  thickness  &  weight  with  a   great  look .  So  keep  that  61″ Sweet  Gum  blank  for  me ,  for  I   know  I  want  a   Mountain  Hat  or Uncle  Sam .  Thanks  for  the  positively , pleasing , experience .

– Michael

Are you SURE this is only $45?

LOVE THEM. Of course I can’t make up my mind…so I would like some help.
I am attaching back 4 pictures of the 4 finalists…. Of course I selected one of each color because I love them all.

Are you SURE this is only $45?????? That seems awfully low to me…… I know that sounds odd coming from a customer but I think it sounds like you left a number out of there when you quoted $45. I am in California.

Me Again.  I was on your website looking at all your stuff again….. Unbelievable . . .I think that I want BOTH of them.
Oh Boy…Oh Boy.  I may have to become your West Coast Distributor!
Thanks for all of your help and humor.
– Pam in California

The Boys will Love Them

The sticks arrived and they are perfect!  The boys will love them….in fact, I’m thinking of giving them on Thanksgiving because I can’t wait until Christmas!  Thank you for making such great memories for two little boys.
– Mindy and Tim