Excellent Communication

I thank you for the beautiful work you are doing. My Dad is using a cane so once this is received I will be ordering from you again. Thank you for your great service to your customers! . . . The quality of your work is evident in your pictures. I am very much looking forward to this as my way to honor Gandalf in your wonderful work. . . . Thanks for your excellent communication!

I received the staff and wow how nice and beautiful it is! The Gandalf is a true impression of the Wizard in the Lord of the rings! I love it and thanks for the great customer service. I remain a customer and I will be back soon with another order of a custom cane for my Dad. Thanks for the great service Les!

– Ray in Maryland

Fab Handiwork

Hi there, have just found your website and looking at your fab handiwork feel the need to order a BALD SPIRIT walking staff.  Can you please tell me if you post to UK.
– Mark from UK

Just the Right Size

Got my walking stick today. It’s very nice, better than I expected. Just the right size.

– Jeff from VA

You officially have a stick in Packer Country!

I absolutely love it and everyone that has seen it so far wants to take it home. The next time we go to the stadium to eat I will use my walking stick.  So THANK YOU very much and maybe we’ll see you again next year at the Folk School festival.
–  Pat in Wisconsin

A Good Stick is Handy at Hand

I have been buying, carrying, and even making sticks all of my life. It’s true that a good stick is handy at hand, even when walking down a city street. I have carried, and bought, sticks all over the world: Africa, Afghanistan, Europe, South America. And I have never held a finer piece of work in my hand than my latest finds at The Stickery. How amazing to travel the world, and find some of the best craftsmanship around only a few miles from home.

– Jay S.

Brother, you have friends in Richmond

Really Big Hit

Wow, I’m sure you guys had a great day at Lazy Daze. I bought the Sweetgum Walking Stick that is curved. I carried it around for several hours and was constantly answering questions about it and giving others directions to your booth. It was a really big hit. I am amazed at the quality, I truly love it.

-Elizabeth G.

We Use Them All the Time

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how impressed we were when we received the two Mountain Hat walking staffs my son purchased from you for our Christmas presents this year. This was a total surprise.

My son always wants to know what he can get for us, as we have everything and that makes it very difficult to surprise someone, but surprised and impressed we are with these two Mountain Hat walking staffs.  We have used them a lot already and when other people see them they are asking all types of questions as you already know.

We have given out your website information so much that I have printed up a hand full of small cards with your contact information listed which makes telling people easier.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.

– Gary from Texas

Nothing Compares

I bought mine at the Daisy Festival at Stone Mt. GA., Fall 2010. I have looked at a lot of hand carved walking sticks but never bought one until I found this one. The face and the long beard are outstanding. Everyone I have shown it to loves the detail and the style. My wife said it is “too nice” to take out on our hiking adventures. I have found nothing to compare to this quality here in the Midwest. I’ll recommend you to all of my hiking buddies. Thanks again for the great piece of work.

– Don in Missouri

You are an AMAZING artist!

Wish we could have afforded to buy you out. Meanwhile, we have several people who could afford to buy you out and we would be pleased to send your promo photos to them.  Please send me your collage.  I will forward it immediately.