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Excellent Communication

I thank you for the beautiful work you are doing. My Dad is using a cane so once this is received I will be ordering from you again. Thank you for your great service to your customers! . . . The quality of your work is evident in your pictures. I am very much looking […]

Fab Handiwork

Hi there, have just found your website and looking at your fab handiwork feel the need to order a BALD SPIRIT walking staff.  Can you please tell me if you post to UK. – Mark from UK

You officially have a stick in Packer Country!

I absolutely love it and everyone that has seen it so far wants to take it home. The next time we go to the stadium to eat I will use my walking stick.  So THANK YOU very much and maybe we’ll see you again next year at the Folk School festival. –  Pat in Wisconsin

A Good Stick is Handy at Hand

I have been buying, carrying, and even making sticks all of my life. It’s true that a good stick is handy at hand, even when walking down a city street. I have carried, and bought, sticks all over the world: Africa, Afghanistan, Europe, South America. And I have never held a finer piece of work […]

Really Big Hit

Wow, I’m sure you guys had a great day at Lazy Daze. I bought the Sweetgum Walking Stick that is curved. I carried it around for several hours and was constantly answering questions about it and giving others directions to your booth. It was a really big hit. I am amazed at the quality, I […]

We Use Them All the Time

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how impressed we were when we received the two Mountain Hat walking staffs my son purchased from you for our Christmas presents this year. This was a total surprise. My son always wants to know what he can get for us, as we have […]

Nothing Compares

I bought mine at the Daisy Festival at Stone Mt. GA., Fall 2010. I have looked at a lot of hand carved walking sticks but never bought one until I found this one. The face and the long beard are outstanding. Everyone I have shown it to loves the detail and the style. My wife […]